About us

SOMEO is a Polish manufacturer and developer of painted plastic components. We supply our single- and two-component parts as well as painted components to numerous platforms of key international car manufacturers and a number of global players on the electronic market. This is why our products must meet the highest quality requirements. Our logistics system covers almost all EU countries, China, South Korea, South Africa, North America and Mexico.

HIGH END PLASTICS It stands for the highest quality and reliability of deliveries of plastic products manufactured and painted using the most demanding technologies.

Thus, our mission is based on the following assumptions:

  • The customer and his satisfaction always come first
  • Our products are very technologically demanding and are meant to impress
  • The quality of our components is unparalleled
  • Our location in Poland offers significant cost reductions for such labour-intensive products

Our engineers are constantly working on new solutions to make the use of plastics more ecological


The company was established in Strzelce Opolskie in 2010 as a manufacturer of painted plastic components for Korean electronic and automotive concerns. After the strong domestic expansion in the automotive market, the building of an extensive machine park, and the implementation of new technologies, in 2014 our company was awarded the title of “The Business Gazelle” in the category of the fastest growing company in the Opole region. In 2017 SOMEO acquired the German company Burkhardt Kunstststoffverarbeitung GmbH from Vaihingen on the Enz River. Established in 1972, the acquired company was the German leader in the decorative plastics industry.  In 2019 its all key technologies were transferred to the Polish plant of SOMEO.  Nowadays, using German technologies, the SOMEO plant in Strzelce Opolskie manufactures complex plastic components for a number of global corporations.


Our staff is our strength. We have an experienced team of managers and engineers who have worked in various international corporations, but today, being a part of SOMEO, they implement new innovative ideas in our products.  Our DNA is based on the following elements:

SO – indicates the highest “made in Poland” quality represented by our production plant in Strzelce Opolskie

ME – stands for the Manufacturing and Engineering of perfect products for our customers

O – Organization and team effort are the core values of our company.

A part of our strategy is geared towards finding the best local specialists to join our company. Thanks to this, SOMEO constitutes a part of Strzelce Opolskie and its local community. We spare no effort to ensure that working for SOMEO is more than just an ordinary job and that we can continuously draw positive energy and joy from every day of work for the company.


Plastic materials and environmental protection do not contradict each other. Plastic saves weight and emissions, but its production must be conducted in compliance with environmentally friendly standards. As a company specializing in the processing of plastic materials, in our production processes we have always pursued the philosophy of “zero waste”, i.e.  maximum waste reduction. We already sort all our painted and multi-component plastics in order to process them again – inside or outside the company. OEM customers have only recently set recycling targets for plastics used in the automotive industry. With our internal milling and refining department, we are ready for this technological trend. We also offer modern water-soluble and single-coat UV paints, with the aim of protecting the environment and its resources. All of our production operations are in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.


“Working International & Being Local” is the motto of many silent business leaders who have grown in their local regions scattered all over the world. In this industry, we believe in continuity, commitment and trust. Mutual trust between the company, its employees and customers is the best formula for success. This is why we do our best to achieve the loyalty of our employees, especially those who come from this region. In this period of globalization and constant change, long-term trust between the employer and employees becomes an invaluable asset.

Unlike many other companies in Poland, we employ people on a temporary basis only in exceptional cases, because we believe that only people who have been associated with the company for many years are perfectly familiar with our technologies, products and quality standards.  This continuity is the foundation of our quality strategy, from which our customers benefit the most.


Our head office and production plant are located directly at the A4 motorway, in the heart of the Silesian automotive business cluster, near the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This means that we are within a direct range of numerous supply chains, which allows us to achieve significant cost savings in the manufacture of large-sized and painted plastic components. For years we have been delivering components directly to our customers’ production lines on a just-in-time basis.  Furthermore, our logistics department specializes in global shipments to more than 15 locations outside Europe, which are connected to us via EDI. Our production premises with a surface area of 30 000 m2, including 20 000 m2 used for manufacturing and warehousing purposes, are located in the centre of Strzelce Opolskie.  Many of our highly trained employees come to work on foot or ride by bicycle. There is no need to organize a transport system for employees from outside the town.  This makes us very attractive as a local employer. We also provide training opportunities for young people from the region who plan to look for employment with our company.


In addition to our employees, our customers are the focus of our company. It is our aim to always supply the best international companies and to manufacture parts that not only inspire technologically and qualitatively, but also guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. The majority of our customers come from the automotive, electronics and appliance sectors. Due to the high quality standards of these industries and our current customers, we are able to deliver series elements in almost every other demanding supply chain. Particularly when it comes to surface finishing and painting of plastic, special requirements are expected from customers. Here we deliver premium products in accordance with the highest customer requirements and international standards.