Quality management

This is how we understand quality…

“High-End in Plastics” means a guarantee of quality for highly demanding plastic products. This is based on our integrated quality management system, which is consistently reproduced in all production processes, from development to serial production. In addition to the successful ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification, during the initial period and the subsequent certification of IATF 16949: 2016, the quality standards were implemented and digitalized in all processes to the maximum extent. We put emphasis on process stability at all stages of the value chain in order to exclude errors in the first place, but also to continuously produce the highest quality. The foundation for this is our modern and stable machine park as well as proactive and efficient employees, who are guided by the principles of quality in all functional areas of the company. Quality is experienced and confirmed by internal and external audits, coaching and workshops aimed at improving and standardizing processes and control mechanisms.

Quality is objective and should be measured. Besides a positive impression conveyed by a highly refined surface of a plastic material, it is technical and dimensional parameters that determine the durability and functionality of products, especially in the automotive industry. Functional and load tests performed continually under various conditions during both the development and production stages confirm the technological correctness of our products. Surfaces undergo additional tests in our laboratory, where their chemical and thermal resistance as well as colour accuracy are checked.

Quality is more than just meeting production or laboratory quality criteria. For us, quality is a general understanding of the standards according to which our company operates. Besides focusing on the fulfilment of customer requirements, we make sure that these maximum quality requirements are always in line with our company’s balanced and sustainable policy, which stresses the importance of environmental protection and employee satisfaction.

SOMEO stands for the highest quality of refined plastic surfaces

Our policy is based on the following principles:

  • Quality is determined by our customers
  • We always try to enhance this quality
  • Almost all of our products are manufactured in a few stages
  • Each stage of production must be free from defects
  • Our quality starts at the management level
  • Our quality principles are binding for all employees
  • Our quality is integrated into all processes and systems
  • Our quality is measured and documented on an ongoing basis

Every day we work together to improve the quality of our products.