Assembly processes

Although the production plant located in Poland ensures significant cost benefits, all our assembly lines are based, on the one hand, on our trained assembly technicians, and, on the other hand, on complementary, partly or fully automated processes that guarantee comprehensive quality control. All assembly lines are designed “in house” and subsequently constructed with the participation of our design department and external partners. All assembly lines are designed with a view to achieving the following objectives:

  1. Efficient use of our employees for qualified activities (cost effectiveness)
  2. 100% traceability of all parts based on QR codes or engravings
  3. 100% quality control based on camera test systems or mechanical tests (e.g. torque testing)
  4. Integration of precise additional processes – especially for painted or assembled product groups
    • Welding of plastic parts
    • Use of lubricants in kinematic components
    • Lasering of letters and marks
    • Tampo printing or screen printing
    • Individual integration of metal and electrical components

The majority of the products undergoing assembly operations include the following:

  • Assembled systems (kinematics)
  • Painted and assembled units (HVAC ventilation system control elements, radio-navigation panels and control elements)
  • Large components such as subassemblies from system suppliers (central consoles, door control elements, bumper components, etc.)
  • Assembly of mechanical and electrical elements
  • Partially and fully automated assembly lines
  • Robot systems with a camera control system
  • Hot air welding
  • Traceability
  • Purchase of assembly elements