Logistics is a particular challenge with just-in-time production and a global dimension. Every year we deliver over 80 million plastic parts to over 35 customer locations across Europe and around the world. The special range of our products (from bulk goods to painted assembly groups) also requires special USPs, which we offer our customers every day in order to guarantee perfect logistics:

  • Additional warehouse of 5,500 square meters for finished goods.
  • Separate semi-finished goods store close to production with its own hermetic packaging system, in order to ideally store raw, lacquered and chrome parts before further processing
  • Internal system for the management of dedicated customer packaging
  • Dedicated “trolley systems” for large finished goods, in order to deliver goods directly to customer lines as well as for large painted parts as part of internal logistics
  • Logistic integration of our ERP system with the EDI systems of our customers
  • In addition to Polish, all of our logistics employees speak fluent English or German in order to be able to coordinate deliveries with both medium-sized customers and global players

For us, “on-time delivery” is a KPI that is constantly checked and by which we are constantly measured.