The core activity in our production department is the painting process, which makes our products distinguishable.  Only the final surface treatment turns these parts into what they are … namely high-quality top-of-the-line products that not only inspire our direct customers, but ultimately also delight end users. Our plant in Strzelce Opolskie is divided into two parts, each with complementary painting processes in order not only to avoid unnecessary internal logistics, but above all to guarantee the highest quality.

  • Production Room 1 (a small injection moulding system – closing force of from 10 t to 320 t)connected to a Venjakob painting system – for small and flat elements;
  • Production Room 2 (a large injection moulding system – closing force of from 250 t to 1800 t) – connected to a 3-component Kawasaki robot system for parts with a length of up to 2.65 m

We focus on the following paint types and paint technologies:

  • High UV gloss (the “piano black” and “black panel” effects)
  • Decorative and effect-generating paints, “soft touch” paints
  • Wet-on-wet painting
  • Chromed replacement paint
  • Special paints (e.g. metallic)

We cooperate with almost all renowned paint manufacturers and finish our products – depending on customer requirements – in 1- to 3-coat construction systems. Our technicians and application engineers have many years of experience in cooperation with leading OEMs or TIER1 suppliers. They support our customers already at the stage of new product design and development.

Technical specifications of our two painting lines:


  • A fully automatic, high-performance continuous painting/spraying/drying system
  • Year of manufacture: 2009 + UV system 2017
  • Application: Flat surfaces with curvatures
  • A water- and solvent-based system for 1K, 2K applications
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions:  815/1800/200 mm
  • Support mesh with a width of 2250 mm
  • A 2 x 3K paint mixing/dispensing system
  • Integrated ionization and CO2 pre-treatment
  • UV curing (after evaporation and before final drying)
  • Main application: vehicle interior / high gloss (piano black)


  • A fully automated robot system for parts with a length of up to 2.65 m
  • Year of manufacture: 2015
  • Application: all geometries
  • A water- and solvent-based paint shop
  • 1 pre-treatment and 3 painting chambers
  • 2 x 6-axis ABB robots for pre-treatment
  • 6 x 6-axis Kawasaki painting robots
  • Ionization and CO-2 pre-treatment
  • Maximum painting area: 3 x 2 m
  • A Promix 3K mixing system
  • Main application: Interior and exterior painting

Painting operations are conducted mainly on PC, PMMA, ABS-PC, PP / EPDM plastics (also multi-component parts). They can be performed with a 1K or 2K high gloss paint structure.