Printing and lasering

After painting, the next stage of refining is the printing and lasering of elements on plastic components, which primarily expresses their functionality. For years, plastics have been increasingly used in e-mobility because of their low weight, but embedding them in functional areas brings additional user-friendly aspects. At SOMEO, product design and high product quality are of primary importance. That is why we embed functional elements in design. In large-scale and mass production, such additional functions are mostly integrated into our assembly lines to guarantee step-by-step 100% quality control. But we also have central stations for screen printing, tampo printing or lasers for small series, where we can design individual applications without the necessity to build expensive assembly lines. Work at the particular stages is performed semi-automatically, with visual quality control.

We focus primarily on the following:

  1. Design and construction of integrated laser systems with a rotary table
  2. The central laser station with an integrated vision system
  3. Quality control based on a system of cameras
  4. Lasering of multilayer painted systems
  5. Multi-colour tampo printing
  6. Multi-colour screen printing

These technologies are particularly useful in combination with high gloss paints. They are often used in automotive engineering for day and night design elements, household appliance control systems, and machine construction engineering.