Production relocation

Especially in times of significant changes in supply chains, production relocations have become part of the daily reality, but at the same time a special area that is seldom offered in a complex manner by conventional plastics processors. Over the past few years we have built up our own internal and external team, with which we have managed numerous projects across Europe and can provide a number of highly complex and successful relocations as references. Our approach is organized according to the following structure:

  • Development of a relocation concept in coordination with the customer (s) mostly based on the following criteria:
  • Complexity of the parts
  • Amount of calls and risks of the buffer structure
  • Customer groups
  • Separation of development / series / aftermarket
  • Simulation of stocks, exact checking and safeguarding of capacities
  • Creation of a comprehensive risk analysis
  • Establishment of an operational interdisciplinary project team with the customer (s)
  • Quality management – as a separate main component of the relocation with integration of customer and supplier quality as well as a PPAP plan of all parts to be relocated
  • Integration of external specialists

Production relocations remain a special topic that require additional interdisciplinary skills. We have consistently built up these competencies over the last few years and can support both TIER1 companies and OEMs in projects in the plastics sector