The test laboratory and measuring equipment

Above all, as industrial painters in the automotive sector, we have to comply with the highest possible quality requirements on the market, as our products are not only delivered to global platforms, but also to international premium class manufacturers. Our proactive quality assurance is largely assured by means of the laboratory and measurement technologies, mainly based on the following standards and guidelines: DBL 7384/7382, PTL 5536, TL 226 and BMW GS 97045, VDA 6.3. Our measurement systems are designed in such a way that, besides initial sampling for new enterprises or relocations, they can also guarantee quality throughout entire processes, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Visual and tactile control
  • Conditioning
  • Painting systems – measuring paint coat thickness
  • Adhesion and brittleness – cross cut + cross cut tests
  • Resistance to scratching – Erichsen 318 hardness tester
  • Emissions behaviour – only odour tests
  • PV 1200 climate change test
  • Constant climate of condensation water
  • Hydrolysis storage
  • 100/200 crockmeter strokes on dry/damp tissue
  • Resistance to cleaning agents, synthetic test media, and sweat
  • Drop test
  • Abrasion behaviour
  • Resistance to cream
  • Demolition tests

Our laboratory has the following test equipment:

  • A HEXAGON 3D measuring machine
  • An OPTICAL 3D measuring machine
  • Measuring microscopes with image processing software
  • A climate cabinet / heat and cold storage
  • Visual / measurement-based assessment of colour and gloss
  • Measurement of coat thickness
  • adhesion tests

Pursuing new objectives, but also within the current series, our project development department is closely linked to quality assurance and our measuring equipment, which allows it to react quickly and proactively to possible changes in projects initiated by our customers. As a multi-level TIER2 manufacturer responsible for the performance of injection moulding, painting and assembly operations, we have above-average testing capabilities necessary to meet the procedural and quality requirements of our customers, which distinguishes us as a development partner for complex and demanding plastic surfaces.